Posted on August 6, 2018  in News

InSPECT Final Report

The final report of the InSPECT project describes the work undertaken and lessons learnt

InSPECT Framework Report – final version

The final version of the assessment framework utilizes design methods to identify and evaluate the functions performed by an Object in its current manifestation and re-develop it to meet the needs of other stakeholders, such as a curator. It builds upon a modified version of the Function-Behaviour-Structure (FBS) framework.

InSPECT Framework Report – first version

The first version of the assessment framework used a top-down approach to analysing an Information Object. Once the evaluator has reached the property-level, they would work with one or more stakeholders in the Designated Community to analyse the acceptable boundaries necessary to achieve their stated objectives. The report has been superseded by a later version of the Framework Report, but is provided for reference.

InSPECT Significant Properties Data Dictionary

The report outlines a data dictionary for the description of significant properties of one or more digital objects, indicating the type of information that may be recorded and the method in which it may be structured.

Deciding Factors: Issues that influence decision-making on significant properties

This paper introduces four factors that may contribute to the understanding of value and are likely to influence the decision-making process that contribute to selection of properties of significance.

Significant Properties Report

This report explores the current versions, views, and visions of the concept at the core of ‘significant properties’ by collecting all discussions of the concept, analysing them and developing a clear, consistent articulation of the concept.